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Window Warmers™ – We’ve got you covered!

The Window Warmer Insulated Roman Shade

Keeping Your Home Warm

What Are Window Warmers™?

Window Warmers are insulating Roman Shades designed to prevent the heat loss and cold infiltration which occurs with conventional draperies.

The important distinction between Window Warmers and conventional “thermal” draperies or insulated roman shades is the effective all-around seal which eliminates cold drafts passing around the edges of the curtain, keeping the heat in. That seal is provided by side clamps, which are stained or painted to match your existing trim.

Our Window Warmers are a wise energy investment. Over time they pay for themselves and, through the choice of appropriate fabric, can also enhance your home’s décor. Both of which make your home more comfortable.

How to Window Warmers™ Work?

The core of Window Warmers is a layer of Thermolite bonded fiber covered by a vapor barrier and enclosed in fabric. When the Window Warmer is lowered, the edges are sealed with the wood clamps. The design of Window Warmers incorporates both aesthetics and heat retention.

Winter nights or on dreary days, lower your Window Warmers to keep the warmth inside. During the day, let the sun warm your home by raising your Window Warmers.

The Wood Clamps – (l to r) Summer storage – the clamps lay flat against your trim; Open clamps; Window Warmer down; Winter use – clamps hold the Window Warmer tight to the trim to prevent drafts.

Why Have Window Warmers™?

Studies have shown, even in well-insulated homes, up to half of your heat can escape through your windows, including double glazed styles, making cozy rooms drafty. Sliding glass doors are the worst offenders. That loss inflates your heating bill.

Based on the R-values of these components, Window Warmers add an estimated R-factor of 4 to an existing window. This value includes the dead air space created between the shade and window. With Window Warmers in place the heat loss through a double glazed window is reduced by about two thirds.

As an added bonus, Window Warmers can greatly reduce your cooling needs during the summer by closing them during hot days, blocking sunlight, and opening them back up at night. This keeps your home noticeably cooler all day long.

How Can I Get a Window Warmer™?

We offer Window Warmers three ways.

  1. We Do It All
  2. We Do Part
  3. D.I.Y.

We Do It All
Complete custom service – This includes consultation and estimate in your home, measuring windows, fabricating, installing and fitting your new Window Warmers.

We Do Part
You measure your windows, and do the installations per our Instruction Manual (available upon request). With your measurements and chosen fabric, we fabricate the Window Warmers for you

You Do It Yourself. You provide us with your window’s measurements, and chose a fabric. We provide you with all the parts and pieces, including Instruction Manual, you need to fabricate and install the Window Warmers yourself.

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